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Master of Arts in Sports Coaching

The first of its kind in the state, the graduate program is designed as a 30-hour online program in response to growing demand in the field, notably as youth sports programs continue to expand. It’s anticipated that the coaching profession will experience double-digit growth over the decade. The 30-hour program is divided into the following course offerings:

  • SES 582 Psychology for Sports Coaches (3)
  • SES 583 International Perspectives of Sports Coaching (3)
  • SES 584 Sport Administration for Sports Coaches (3)
  • SES 585 Introduction to Sports Injuries for Coaches (2)
  • SES 586 Training and Conditioning Principles for Sports Coaches (3)
  • SES 587 Sports Coaching Principles and Perspectives (3)
  • SES 588 Evaluation of Coaching using Technology (3)
  • SES 589 Bridging Theory and Practice in Sports Coaching (3)
  • SES 604 Teacher and Coach Action Research (3)
  • SES 692 Graduate Internship in Sport and Exercise Science (4)

Program details, including courses, requirements, and more can be found at the UNC Extended Campus website.

Program Mission

The mission of the Sports Coaching master’s program is to prepare coaches to become leaders in their prospective sporting fields, by supporting the eight current coaching domains outlined in the National Standards for Sport Coaches document (National Association for Sport and Physical Education [NASPE], 2006). This online degree is designed to enhance students’ coaching knowledge and expertise and to advance existing coaching practices through evaluation and application of current research. One of very few online graduate coaching degrees in the country, this innovative program combines academic knowledge with applied practice and the latest technology.