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Sharon Bywater-Reyes

Sharon Bywater-Reyes

Assistant Professor, Environmental Geoscience

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Natural and Health Sciences

Contact Information

Ross Hall 3235J
Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Campus Box 100
Greeley, CO 80639


Research/Areas of Interest

I am interested in processes that reshape Earth's surface. I have broad interests in dynamic process-form linkages within the hydrologic-geomorphic system that have implications for society, ecology, and the evolution of landscapes. This led me to investigate the evolution of fluvial deposits influenced by changing tectonic and climatic forcings in the Andes (Bywater-Reyes et al., 2010). In my dissertation research I quantified interactions between riparian vegetation and fluvial processes. My research used field, remote sensing, and numerical techniques to investigate both seedling vulnerability to floods (Bywater-Reyes et al., 2015) and how riparian vegetation engineers channels by changing flow and sediment transport regimes at the bar and reach scales (Bywater-Reyes et al., 2017a).

During my tenure as a postdoctoral scholar, I quantified the spatial and temporal patterns in turbidity and suspended sediment using long-term water quality data. I identified watershed geology as a fundamental control on both overall sediment yields as well as vulnerability to management (Bywater-Reyes et al., 2017b).

As a new faculty member at UNC I am interested in starting local projects quantifying how factors such as climate change and disturbance impact water resources along the Front Range.

Publications/Creative Works

Bywater-Reyes, S., Carrapa, B., Clementz, M., & Schoenbohm, L. (2010). Effect of late Cenozoic aridification on sedimentation in the Eastern Cordillera of northwest Argentina (Angastaco basin). Geology38(3), 235-238.

Bywater‐Reyes, S., Wilcox, A. C., Stella, J. C., & Lightbody, A. F. (2015). Flow and scour constraints on uprooting of pioneer woody seedlings. Water Resources Research51(11), 9190-9206.

Bywater‐Reyes, S., Wilcox, A. C., & Diehl, R. M. (2017). Multi‐scale influence of woody riparian vegetation on fluvial topography quantified with ground‐based and airborne LiDAR. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface.

Bywater-Reyes, S., Segura, C., & Bladon, K. D. (2017). Geology and geomorphology control suspended sediment yield and modulate increases following timber harvest in temperate headwater streams. Journal of Hydrology548, 754-769.