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State Licensure Boards

Occupations that require licensure or certification for employment are handled differently by each state. While many professions are highly regulated by all states, others are regulated in some states and not others. Each state regulates professions differently and handles licensure through different offices and application procedures.

Some state licensing agencies have different requirements or application processes to accept out-of-state students. Additionally, many states have separate offices, applications, and educational requirements for certain professions that occur within educational contexts (K-12) as compared to community or clinical contexts. The appropriate state licensing agency, and corresponding license pursued, depends on your professional goals, the environments in which you wish to seek employment, and the state where you intend to pursue licensure or certification.

Below, you will find links to websites for state licensing agencies in various professions. You may have to navigate to the “Contact Us” or “About Us” section should you wish to find contact information. The extent a profession is regulated in a state, the agency responsible for regulating a profession, and the requirements for state licensure/certification can change over time. Always refer to current state laws, rules, and application requirements for pursuing professional licensure or certification in that state.

If your profession or state (including U.S. territories) is not listed, or if you have any questions with the content on this page, please contact Licensure@unco.edu and we will be happy to assist you.