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Today in University History

Events by Month

  • January

    January 2009
    UNC opened a satellite campus at Centerra (a master-planned community developed by McWhinney Enterprises) in Loveland, Colorado.

    January 1, 1954
    Frasier Hall dedicated.

    January 6, 1970
     Library Classroom Building (Michener) fire.

    January 15, 1954
     First theatrical presented in Frasier Hall. "Point of No Return".

    January 17, 1970
     Student protest in Gunter Hall intended to prevent wrestling match between UNC and BYU.

    January 22, 1907
    Dr. Thomas Gray, 1st President (1890-1891), died at Tonopah, Nevada.

    January 25, 1928
    Gunter Hall of Health dedicated.

    January 30, 1924
    President John Grant Crabbe, 3rd President (1916-1924), died in Greeley; buried in Linn Grove Cemetery.

    January 31, 1893
    Annie McCowen's birthday.

  • February

    February 1, 1968
     Colorado State College Library began using the Library of Congress rather than the Dewey classification system.

    February 4, 1975
     Butler-Hancock Hall dedicated.

    February 7, 1933
    Men's dormitory on East campus named Hadden Hall .

    February 11, 1957
    Act approved changing the name of the Colorado State College of Education at Greeley to Colorado State College.

    February 16, 1935
    Act approved changing the name of the State Normal School at Greeley to the Colorado State College of Education at Greeley.

    February 18, 2001
    Dr. Darrell Holmes, 6th President (1964-1971) died in his hometown, Blanco, Texas.

    February 28, 1919
    Mirror. v.1 no.1

  • March

    March 1980
    Music Library moved from Carter to basement of McKee.

     March 7, 1983
    William Ross, 5th President (1947-1964) died.

    March 13, 1976 
    Foundation Hall dedicated.

    March 14, 1951 
    First winter quarter commencement held.

    March 26, 1991 
    Ross Hall Laboratory wing dedicated.

    March 27, 1969 
    McKee Hall of Education dedicated.

  • April

    April 1, 1889 
    Governor Job A. Cooper signed Senate Bill 104 to establish the State Normal School at Greeley.

    April 3, 1947
    In a faculty meeting, George Frasier announced his resignation as President. He had been president for 24 years.

    April 14, 1970
    Act approved changing the name of Colorado State College to the University of Northern Colorado.

    April 17, 1936 
    President George W. Frasier announced names for three new women's residence halls (Snyder, Sabin and Tobey-Kendel).

    April 30, 1970
    KCBL-FM became KUNC at midnight on April 30, 1970 at the same time that CSC became UNC.

  • May

    May 1, 1970
    Name of school as University of Northern Colorado effective.

    May 3, 1951
    Guggenheim fire.

    May 6, 2005
    Music Library renamed Skinner Music Library, honoring Dr. Howard Skinner.

    May 10, 1973
    Genevieve Lawrenson Hall dedicated.

    May 10, 2002
    Trustees voted to move UNC athletics to Division I.

    May 13, 1962
    Bishop-Lehr Hall dedicated.

    May 18, 1955
    Annie McCowen went to the Sterling Theater in Greeley to see "Bridges at Toko-Ri".

    May 27, 1953
    First commencement at which an AFROTC officer was commissioned.

    May 28, 1967
    Constance Trimmer (author Connie Willis) graduated with a BA English/Elementary Education.

    May 30, 1940
    Annie McCowen diary: "Memorial Day with half the world slaughtering human beings while the other half pay homage to the victims of previous slaughters."

    May 30, 1965
    6th President: Darrell Holmes inaugurated (1964-1971).

  • June

    Summer 1986
    Helen Langworthy Theatre dedicated.

    Summer 1968
    The College of Business Administration was established.

    June 2, 1953
    Elizabeth Lehr (Bishop-Lehr) went to London, England, and paid $90 for her seat to view the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. 

    June 3,1890
    1st President: Thomas J. Gray.  Dr. Gray was selected by the Board of Trustees to serve as Principal of the State Normal School at Greeley with a salary of $3,000/year. On April 30, 1891, the Trustees changed his title from Principal to that of President when they adopted the trustee bylaws.

    June 4, 1891
    First commencement exercises held in Hunter Opera House at 9:30a.m. Twelve students graduated.

    June 5, 1911
    Colorado Legislature passed an act to make the State Normal School at Greeley  the State Teachers College of Colorado.

    June 7, 1950
    First commencement at which an USMC officer was commissioned.

    June 9, 1933
    Board of Trustees authorized closure of driveway north of Gunter running from 8th to 10th Avenue.

    June 9, 1933
    Harry V. Kepner received the school's first honorary degree (Ed.D.)

    June 11, 1937
    James A. Michener received MA in Secondary Education.

    June 13, 1890
    Cranford cornerstone laid.

    June 13, 1936
    Residence halls dedicated (Sabin, Snyder, Tobey-Kendel). 

    June 13, 1990
    Cranford Park dedicated.

    June 13, 1940
    Leo Florio flag pole dedicated.

    June 13-17, 1940
    Golden Anniversary Celebration.

    June 14, 1940
    Garden Theatre dedicated.

    June 16, 1972
    Last day of Cranford Hall demolition.

    June 20, 1934
    Little Theatre of the Rockies first production. "The First Mrs. Frasier".

    June 23, 1948
    5th President: William Robert Ross inaugurated (1947-1964)--Colorado State College of Education.

    June 25, 1923
    "President of U.S. Pays Tribute to Teachers in Brief Address before Greeley Crowds Monday," Mirror,  June 27, 1923, p. 1. (U.S. President Warren G. Harding).

    June 28, 1940
    New Library dedicated (later renamed Carter Hall).

  • July

    July 1915
    "Old Doc", the horse, replaced by a Colwell Roller and Motor Lawn Mower.

    July 1999
    The name of the College of Business Administration was changed to the Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business.

    July 1, 1996
    10th President: Howard M. Skinner (1996-1998).

    July 1, 1998
    11th President: Hank Brown (1998-2002).

    July 1, 2002
    12th President: Kay Norton (2002-  ).

    July 31, 1946
    Greeley Tribune announced year round operation of the Little Theatre of the Rockies.

  • August

    August 2008
    The new West Campus Residence Hall welcomed its first residents in August. The new housing complex replaced McCowen Hall, which was built in 1963.

    August 1,1965
    Dedication of the William Robert Ross Hall of Science.

    August 4, 1974
    Lindou Auditorium dedicated in Michener Library.

    August 12, 1891
    2nd President: Trustees elected Z. X. Snyder (1891-1915).

    August 14, 1947
    George Willard Frasier received honorary degree, Sc.D.

    August 25, 1934
    First doctorates awarded, Summer 1934 commencement.

    August 31, 1916
    3rd President: Dr. John Grant Crabbe (1916-1924).

    August 31, 1988
    Academic year calendar based on semesters rather than quarters implemented.

  • September

    September 1951
    Air Force ROTC established at CSCE

    September 20, 1996
    Gunman slain while holding hostages in McCowen

    September 24, 1948
    The cost for meals served in the Faculty Club went up to $1 each. (McCowen diary)

  • October

    October 1, 1981
    8th President: Robert C. Dickeson (1981-1991).

    October 1, 2005
    Presidents Row (Bond Hall, Dickeson Hall, Lujan Hall, Brown Hall), 19th Street and 9th Avenue, dedicated.

    October 5, 1989
    Rededication of Lawrenson Hall.

    October 7, 1992
    9th President: Herman Lujan inaugurated (1992-1996).

    October 12, 1943
    President Frasier announced closing of Army Air Force Clerical Training School. 

    October 13, 1990
    Leo Florio Flagpole rededicated.

    October 14, 1973
    Mariani Gallery dedicated in Guggenheim.

    October 15, 1942
    President Frasier announced at faculty meeting that 800 secretaries and clerks (Army Air Force Clerical Training School) were to be trained at CSCE. 

    October 17, 1997
    Music Library building dedicated (renamed Skinner Music Library on May 6, 2005).

    October 20, 2003
    Totem Teddy repatriation ceremonies held on UNC campus.

    October 22, 1999
    Hansen-Willis and Scott-Willcoxon Halls dedicated.

    October 27, 1972
    James A. Michener received honorary L.H.D. degree.

    October 27, 1972
    University Library (Michener) dedicated.

    October 22, 1931
    Administration Building renamed Cranford Hall.

    October 22, 1931
    Training School renamed Kepner Hall.

    October 22, 1931
    Home Economics building renamed Crabbe Hall.

    October 22, 1931
    Second Building Men's Dormitory renamed Hays Hall.

    October 21, 2008
    Vice-presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden addressed a capacity crowd at Butler-Hancock Sports Pavilion.

    October 30, 1971
    7th President: Richard Bond inaugurated (1971-1981).

  • November

    November 6, 1966
    Harrison Hall dedicated.

    November 11, 1915
    Dr. Z. X. Snyder, 2nd President (1891-1915) died.

    November 19, 1891
    The Board of Trustees authorized President Snyder to establish a "model school".

    November 21, 1924
    4th President: Dr. George Willard Frasier inaugurated (1924-1947)

    November 24, 1923
    First homecoming celebrated.

    November 26, 1946
    College closed indefinitely because of coal strikes.

  • December

    December 12, 1942
    Gas rations reduced to 4 1/2 gal./week.

    December 13, 1997
    Football team won Division II National Championship

    December 14, 1996
    Football team won Division II National Championship

    December 17, 1943
    Entry in Annie McCowen's diary about a camp for 3000 German POWs nine miles west of Greeley on the Loveland road.

    December 18, 1914
    First article about totem pole (later named Totem Teddy) appeared in the Christmas issue of The Crucible