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Preparing for Your Visit

Remember, the Archives & Special Collections staff is here to assist you! We will work closely with you to help you find what you need. To get the most out of your visit, here are some helpful tips.

  • What to Know Before Visiting
    •  You will need to fill out a brief Researcher Registration Form (in advance or on arrival). You can bring the form with you or submit it to library.archives@unco.edu.
    • There is no fee to research.
    • You do not need to have a UNC affiliation.
    • Prepare ahead of time – search our collections online before you visit, so you have an idea of what you want to look at when you arrive. See Using Online Resources.
    • Consider contacting us in advance – let us know what you are interested in researching and we can help you identify related resources.
      • This will also allow us to pull your requested materials ahead of your visit, saving you time.
      • You can email, call, or submit your request via Getting Research Help.
    • Allow enough time to finish your research during your visit.
      • Archival collection materials are non-circulating and may not be removed from the research area without authorization.
      •  We do not pull materials in the last 30 minutes of the business day.
      • If you cannot come during normal business hours, consider scheduling an appointment.
    • You can read our full Researcher Policies here.
  • When You Arrive
    • Backpacks, coats, and other personal property will need to be stored in a provided locker.
    • No food or drink is allowed.
    • Pencils only, no pens, for notetaking when researching (laptops allowed; pencils are provided).
    • You will not be able to browse the shelves; requested materials will be brought to you.
    • Archival materials must be handled with great care. You may remove only one folder at a time from a box, and you must maintain the original order of the folders in the box and the materials in the folder.
    • You may be asked to wear gloves when handling photographs or delicate items.