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Reproductions and Use

UNC Archives & Special Collections provides copies of materials to facilitate private study, scholarship, or research. We welcome you to use materials in our collections that are in the public domain and to make fair use of copyrighted materials as defined by copyright law. Please cite the materials you use.

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 United States Code) governs the making of reproductions of  copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” If a researcher uses a reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that researcher may be liable for copyright infringement.

  • Request to Reproduce Items

    Requests to copy Archives & Special Collections material constitute an agreement that you will not reproduce, transfer, distribute, broadcast, publicly display, offer for sale, or otherwise use or publish any material subject to copyright, or a portion thereof, in excess of fair use, as defined by copyright law, without the express permission of the copyright holder.

    Please note that while the UNC Archives and Special Collections owns the materials in our collections, we usually do not own the copyright to these materials, except where it has been explicitly transferred to UNC. You are solely responsible for determining the copyright status of materials and obtaining permission to use material from the copyright holder. Archives and Special Collections cannot provide permission to publish or distribute materials when UNC is not the copyright holder.

    We reserve the right to limit the number of copies made; to restrict the use of rare and valuable items; and to deny a request because of copyright regulations, privacy rights, donor-imposed regulations, or other rights related issues.

  • Personal Cameras

    With some exceptions, the use of cameras (without flash) is permitted and encouraged. There is no charge for use of cameras. Archives and Special Collections staff may forbid the use of cameras if you mishandle materials, or if your equipment poses any risk to our materials or causes disruption in our reading room.

  • Fees and Payment


    Free: 1-25 copies of archival materials / semester

    $0.10 page: 26 copies and up / semester

    Digital Scans

    Scans up to 300 dpi

    • Free: 1-10 scans of textual materials / semester


    • Unbound, sheet fed: $0.25
    • Bound text, non sheet-fed: $0.50


    • Under 11x17: $1.00
    • 11x17 or greater: $2.00


    • Under 4.5: $1.00
    • 4x5 or greater: $2.00


    Prices include straightening and cropping. Average turnaround time for most jobs is 5-10 business days; turnaround time for large or complex orders may vary. Patrons may request image delivery format as TIFF, JPEG, or PDF. Text includes uncorrected OCR (Optimal Character Recognition) for text search capability. If you have a project that does not seem to fit in these categories, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquiry!

    No free scans for higher resolution materials. 20% increase to the total price for orders with higher resolution scans.

    50% of total price for turnaround of fewer than 5 business days

    Audio-Visual Materials

    • Existing digital media: $10.00 each per file
    • New digital media: Cost of labor, materials, and / or vendor charges


    Free for the first hour, after which the patron will be charged $20.00 per hour

    Research Fee: This pertains to involved and time-consuming research requests which require a staff member or archivist to perform the archival research necessary to provide a patrons with answers, information, or resources. It does NOT pertain to instances in which a patron wishes to examine Archives & Special Collections materials themselves, even if this is part of a long or on-going research project. Patrons who examine materials in person or who merely consult with Archives & Special Collections staff on where to locate materials best suited to their research needs will not be charged a research fee.


    Within the United States, a $2.50 first class mail fee includes up to 10 sheets of paper. For larger orders, fees will reflect the United States Postal Services' postage rates.

    International shipping fees will vary.

    Payment required in advance. Work begins after receipt of payment. Requesters may pay by cash or check. UNC reserves the right to make available any digital files that result from patron requests.

  • Privacy and Publicity Rights

    You are solely responsible for addressing issues of privacy and publicity rights relating to your use of our materials. The rights of privacy and publicity are distinct from copyright. Although fair use is a defense to copyright infringement, it is not a defense to violating privacy or publicity rights.


In receiving a reproduction from our holdings, you assume all responsibility for infringement of copyright or other rights in your use of the material. You must agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Libraries, the University of Northern Colorado and its Board of Trustees, officers, agents and employees, from and against any and all liabilities, losses, demand, penalties, costs, expenses, attorneys’ fees, lawsuits, fines, judgments, or causes of actions, including but not limited to claims relating to infringement of copyright, trademark, invasion of rights of privacy or publicity, or libel that arise either directly or indirectly from any use by the requestor of the images and/or materials provided by the Libraries, the University of Northern Colorado or its employees, Board of Trustees, or agents.

Reproduction Request Form

Please fill out and sign this Reproduction Order Form completely  and submit it to library.archives@unco.edu.

Policy last updated 8/15/22