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Stories of Sisterhood

When I first met the Lambdas I was impressed by how close they were to each other, they joked, laughed, and behaved just like real sisters. I saw them and wanted to be a part of something so beautiful. I come from a big Mexican family and missed every second of being with them once I started school at UNC. I sort of convinced my roommate, KoreeƱa, to attend an informational with me, once we were there we immediately felt that this organization was for us. We went through it together and it made us super close. I went through the process with an open heart and soaked up everything. I enjoyed every moment of being with my sisters, especially the other four that crossed with me. I learned so much from them and learned so much about my self. What I expected from this organization and the ladies in it was exactly what I wanted/needed and much more. What I experienced and learned from this organization has made me a stronger woman by far. I loved being an active member and lived in that moment for as long as I possibly could. I am proud to say that becoming a Lambda has been one of the best moments in my life.

Christina Garcia
Kappa Delta

I moved to Greeley simply to attend one of the highest ranked teaching colleges, leaving my family and good friends nearly three hours away. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself joining a sorority! Who knew something I once scoffed and criticized would one day be something that I can never stop talking about?

My experience as a member of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. by far has been the most rewarding yet challenging experience of my undergraduate college career. There are so many different memories I want to share! I do not even know where to begin! In all honesty, I credit much of the person I have developed into these last four years to the influence of my beautiful sisters. They have seen me at my silliest moments, and at my most embarrassing ones. They have been there to comfort me at my weakest times and have been there to applaud me while I was at my strongest. My sisters are more than just friends, they and their families have become an extension of my own. When I reflect on my favorite memories of college, I reflect on being a Lambda. I remember being stuck in a tiny four door sedan with five women dressed in business attire on Los Angeles ' busiest interstates. I remember singing silly song after song with my Angelitas Lindas just for fun as if I were Ms. Diana Ross herself. (And I am sure they will attest that I most certainly am not !) I also remember seeing nearly 300 eighth grade Latinas genuinely listen to me when I expressed my gratitude and appreciation for my sisters hard work in establishing our seventh annual Latina Youth Leadership Conference. I remember them sincerely listening to my sister Esperanza as she spoke about her experience on getting to college. My sisters come from all walks of life, are of all different colors, languages, and preferences. Don't get me wrong, many of us have had our disagreements! We are just like any typical family, but because of the strong bond only Lambdas develop, we undoubtedly love, accept, and celebrate each other for who we are. In the future I know I will remember my sisters' upcoming weddings, child births, and children's graduations. Though Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc has provided me development in professionalism, poise, and greater knowledge about my culture, the most valuable gift I have received has been meeting the women who are now my sisters.

Michelle Macias
Kappa Epsilon

Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc opened so many doors for me. I first found out about the organization when i was a freshman here at UNC. I could not wait to be a part of something so spectacular and really become involved. Four years later I look back on my experience as a Lambda and I truly owe everything to these ladies and the organization. I learned how to be a leader, and when to follow. I was able to travel and learned how to organize a conference for 300 young ladies. I also learned how to be a listener and when to speak up. I am now on the board of directors for the organization and I tell someone everyday that I am a PROUD sister of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc.

Valerie Lovato
Kappa Theta