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Registration Assistance

1. Go online to https://ursa.unco.edu

2. If you’ve never logged in to Ursa, click on Student password reset / account activation to activate your Ursa account. If you’ve used Ursa before, enter your username and password and click Login. 


3. Click on the Student tab.

Student Tab Bar

4. In the Register for Classes section under Registration and Grades, click on Register, Add or Drop Classes.

Registration and Grades

5. From the drop-down menu, select the term you want to register for and click on Submit.

 Registration Term

6. If you know the CRNs (five-digit class codes), enter them on the Add or Drop Classes page and click on Accept/Submit to register.

 7. To look up classes, click on the Class Search button.

Add Classes Worksheet

Please Note: If you wish to Waitlist  a course or you have been given an override from the instructor, you are required to enter the Course Record Number (CRN) into the Add Classes Worksheet. 

8. On the Look Up Classes page, you must select a subject, but you don’t have to select anything else.

The more selections made on this screen, the fewer classes that will appear. Most students only select a subject so that all classes in that subject will appear.

After making your selections, click on the Class Search button at the bottom of the page. The next page lists the classes offered that fit your selections.

Look up classes

9. To select a class, click on the checkbox next to the CRN.

You can only register for classes that have a checkbox next to the CRN. If there is a “C” or an “NR” in the button’s place, the class is closed.

10. Go to the bottom of the page and click on Accept/Register to add the class to your schedule.

Look up Classes

11. To find another class to register for repeat steps 10-12.

12. If you need to register for a course that has variable credit, once you have added the course to your schedule, you may change the credit value by clicking on the Cred(it) link and adjusting the credit value. 

registered worksheet

Adjust your credit amount on the Change Class Option page

You can also change a Class options by clicking on Change Class options under the Registration and Grades area. 

Change Class Options

12. To see your schedule close the current tab and then click on either Week at a Glance or Detail Schedule.

Registration and Grades