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teaching sociology

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology includes an examination of basic theories and methods in sociology and the application of sociological knowledge to a specific concentration consisting of 12 credits to be chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor. The program includes the core courses in sociology, two theory and two research, as well as concentration courses. Graduates will be prepared for employment in a variety of contexts such as conducting program analysis, social research, and related areas.


Concentration Areas


Inequality & Institutions

Learn about the causes and consequences of social inequality and how this relates to our social institutions and daily lives. Includes courses in the sociology of race, disability, gender, religion, and social class and inequality.


Social Psychology, Family & the Life Course

Take a multidisciplinary approach to studying interaction and people's lives and families within structural, social and cultural contexts. Includes courses in the sociology of mental illness, family studies, gender and aging, issues in social policy, and group dynamics.


Deviance & Social Control

Explore the production and maintenance of social control and the social forces which facilitate deviance. Includes courses in the sociology of law, social policy, juvenile delinquency, sociology of education, and violence and the family.

Sociology Minor

A minor in sociology is an excellent complement to any major at the University of Northern Colorado. Through the application of the sociological approach to key issues such as inequality, social institutions, deviance, and family life, sociology provides a firm foundation for any discipline or career path with broader context and analytical approach. Minor Requirements - 18 credits.