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Below are featured alumni from the UNC History program.

Gretchen Sausville, BA Theater, with a History Minor, 2002; Masters in Divinity, Princeton University, 2005; currently Associate Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Hartford, CT; founder member and vice-chair on the board of directors of the Good Company Theater in Granby, CT.

Jana McKamey, BA History and German, 2001; Masters in International Studies, Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service; Policy Liaison with the European Union and the US Government on Energy and Environment

Abraham Denmark, BA History and Political Science, 2000; Masters in International Studies, University of Denver; currently China Expert for the US Department of State

Stephanie Coons, BA History, 2005; currently Archival Assistant at the US National Archives in College Park, MD

Jessica Weidner, BA in History; Masters in Library Sciences, Indiana University

Kate Imy, BA and Masters in History, 2010; currently pursuing a PhD in History at Rutgers University, with a complete package of financial support

Jonathan Beam, BA History, Financial Expert at Bank of the West

Kimberly and Jamie Atkinson, Masters in History, 2002; Foreign Service Officers, currently posted at the US Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria

Toby Partridge, BA History 2007; Social Studies and German Teacher, Pine Ridge High School

Ben McDermott, Licensure and Masters in History, 2005; Social Studies teacher at Overland High School, currently on a year-long exchange program in China

Rebekah Jonas, BA History and German, 2008; pursuing a Masters degree at the Universit├Ąt Heidelberg, Germany

Amy Samar, BA History and Hispanic Studies, 2007; currently pursuing a Masters degree in Early Modern History at the University of York, Great Britain

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