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Mexican American Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Program Overview

Mexican American Studies B.A. – Liberal Arts

The fundamental objective of the bachelor's in Mexican American Studies is to provide the student with knowledge and understanding of the historical development and cultural experience of the largest Latino community in the United States: Mexican Americans. Emphasis is placed on its contemporary reality by various theoretical perspectives and areas of academic inquiry through the arts and sciences: history, literature, sociology, political science, gender studies and psychology.

Mexican American Studies B.A. - Secondary Teaching (Grades 7-12)

This program fulfills an important role in training teachers at the undergraduate level to be social studies teachers. With increasing student diversity in our schools, both in Colorado and the nation, districts are desperate to hire teachers who are well grounded in curriculum and approaches that meet the needs of culturally diverse learners and their families. The secondary education emphasis in Mexican American Studies effectively prepares preservice teachers to teach social studies to culturally diverse students at the middle and secondary levels.


Mexican American Studies Minor

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Bilingual Education Specialist (Grades K-12)

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (Grades K-12)

Graduate Programs

Mexican American Studies Graduate Certificate Program (Non-Degree)

The 12-credit hour Graduate Certificate in Mexican American Studies focuses on the development of knowledge and understanding of the Mexican American experience in the United States. This is an interdisciplinary program that combines culture with history, literature and theory.

Mexican American Studies Advanced Graduate Certificate Program (Non-Degree)

The 18-credit hour Advanced Graduate certificate in Mexican American Studies is specifically designed for those with teacher licensure to prepare them to teach Mexican American Studies and who plan to teach dual enrolled courses both at the high school and community college levels.