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Trainings and Workshops

party dinosaur

Party with a Plan Workshop

This workshop focuses on strategies and tips for partying safer. It’s interactive, student-led, and covers topics like: alcohol serving size, party planning, blood alcohol content, fentanyl testing, Naloxone, overdose awareness and the Good Samaritan Law. 

Through the Party with a Plan workshop, participants will increase their knowledge of harm reduction strategies to reduce risk associated with substance misuse. 

  • 60 minutes

gummyHey, Bud.

This peer-led workshop focuses on harm reduction strategies for safer cannabis use. Educating on topics such as awareness of cannabis consumption methods, importance of THC and CBD potency, how to establish a set and setting, this program provides insight on informed cannabis consumption for one’s physical and mental health.  

Hey, Bud will provide tools and education to participants to engage in safer cannabis use and reduce risk associated with mixing substances.  

  • 45 minutes


Overdose Prevention: Naloxone Training

This training is intended for students, faculty, and staff who aspire to be harm reduction champions on UNC's campus. This in depth training provides information on what to do during a suspected overdose, including naloxone administration and other emergency tips. The training is provided by our community-partners with discussion and education regarding dangers of fentanyl, drug testing, and how to communicate with emergency services.  

Through Naloxone Training, participants will increase their knowledge of drug-related harm reduction and what to do in a suspected overdose situation.  

  • 60 minutes

The Bedside Box

Based on our successful free sexual health resource delivery program (The Bedside Box) – this workshop aims to provide comprehensive and inclusive sexual health education to all UNC students. This peer-led, interactive presentation provides education on consent, STIs, contraception, barrier methods, and pleasure with an opportunity to ask anonymous questions. 

By attending Unboxing, participants will know the basics of sexual health and relationships and leave with resources they can use to stay healthy.  

  • 60 minutes

condomsCome As You Are (TBD)

happyfaceBYO Self-Care Plan

Self-care is not one-size-fits-all, which is why this workshop guides participants in a "BYO" (Build Your Own) personalized self-care plan that will actually work for their unique needs. Guided by our peer health educators, this presentation covers topics and activities such as how to engage in self-care as a student, defining maintenance vs emergency self-care for yourself, healthy vs not-so-healthy coping strategies, evaluating your current self-care, and creating an emergency self-care plan.  

Build Your Own Self Care Plan will provide students with the tools and information they need to reflect on, build, and practice self-care in a way that serves them and is sustainable.  

  • 45 minutes