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Student Housing at UNC

UNC provides different housing opportunities to students who wish to be housed based on gender identity rather than what is listed on student forms.

The Gender, Sexual, Romantic, Identities Residential Learning Community

A residential living community for students who identify across the gender, sexual, romantic identity spectrums. GSRI housing is based on the first floor of Hansen-Willis Hall on Central Campus and is entirely gender inclusive and will have an RA who has been trained in gender and sexuality.

To request to live in the GSRI RLC, indicate on your housing contract that you’d like to live in GSRI housing. If you have already completed your housing contract, contact housing@unco.edu or call 970-351-2721 and request to be placed in GSRI housing.

Gender Neutral Housing

The Gender Inclusive Housing Program allows students of different genders to live together in the same room. Gender Inclusive Housing is not a Residential Connection and does not exist solely on one floor or in one community. Housing & Residential Education wants all students, regardless of gender identity, to have the option to choose a space in a hall that best meets their needs. How students answer the Gender Inclusive questions on the housing contract determines that rooms they are able to assign themselves to. If you have any questions regarding the Gender Inclusive Housing Program, please contact Housing & Residential Education at housing@unco.edu or 970-351-2721.

If you are looking for a space where students have gender inclusive spaces and are placed together within a single community, please refer to the Queer Living Community section on Residential Connections website.