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About Us


The mission of the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center is to advocate for, educate with, and support all identities across the gender, sexual, and romantic spectrums. We work to build an equitable and inclusive community on our campus while creating a sense of belonging for all students.


Advocate collaboratively with coalition partners for systematic and institutional change in policy and practice to create a more equitable campus climate.

Educate the campus community by providing training and programming to encourage respectful discussion, personal reflection, and academic development related to issues of gender, sexuality, and intersectional identities.

Support and validates the existence of all identities across the gender and sexuality spectrums by creating a sense of belonging and community while promoting self-care.


Our vision is to provide all individuals across the gender and sexuality spectrums with a safe and supportive environment while we work to help campus community members achieve academic, personal, and professional success.

We approach our work through an intersectional lens, empowering and supporting all UNC campus community members. Through building collaborative partnerships across the UNC campus and providing physical and web based resources, we strive to create accessible networks for students, staff, and faculty to facilitate a sense of belonging.

Our History


UNC funded and opened the Birth Control Information Center


The Birth Control Information Center became the Human Sexuality Center


The Greeley Gay and Lesbian Alliance opened on campus - the first Queer student organization at UNC


UNC announces the official opening of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource Office located in Turner Hall


The Greeley Gay and Lesbian Alliance becomes In & Out


In & Out becomes Spectrum


The GLBTA Resource Office becomes the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center

(Fall) 2017

The Gender & Sexuality Resource Center moves to new location: 2215 10th Avenue