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What is the Colorado Combined Campaign?

The Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC) is a workplace campaign that provides a way for Colorado government employees to donate to charities that benefit Coloradans. They can do so by payroll deduction, cash, check or credit card. Donations to the CCC are voluntary, confidential and tax-deductible.

Participating Agencies

The CCC represents more than 400 charities and makes it possible for donors to support one or many favorite charities in a single effort. The pledge form or online giving website has a place for donors to designate chosen charities and amounts intended for each. The 2023 CCC Online Directory contains a listing of participating agencies.

Donors may choose charities that benefit a variety of causes including children, the homeless, animals, or the environment. If the donor has a special interest in job training, education, or aiding victims of domestic violence, agencies focused on these causes are included.