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Making time for reading

Reading in a hammock like a boss

Mark Harris
March 20, 2017

Let's face it: Whether it be a textbook for biology or a novel for English, you'll get assigned a lot of reading in college courses. So what do you do when you're dying to read that new book by your favorite author, and you also need to make time for friends, family, school and the gym? Never fear — you have options!

Wake up earlier

Waking up early can be a hassle (and hard), but reading when you first rise in the morning can be better than a cup of coffee to motivate you for the whole day.

Turn downtime into reading time

Throughout your day, you may find yourself waiting around for your next class to start because you don’t want to go home just to have to leave again after ten minutes. Instead of sitting on your phone going through Facebook, read a book.

Open up a book before you go to sleep

Try to get a chapter or two in before you hit the hay. Reading is a good cooldown from the day’s stresses and a good break from worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

Listen to a book

Audiobooks are a great way to finish books on the go, whether you listen through headphones on your way to class or through your car stereo on your way to work.

Reading books helps keep your brain healthy and makes you a better critical thinker, so don’t give up on reading for fun just because you have to read a lot of books and texts that you might not enjoy. Grab that book you’ve always wanted to read, and read it!

Mark Harris

is a sophomore studying English: Secondary Education with a TESL endorsement. Mark is a UNC Student Advancement Ambassador (SAA) as well as a Social Media Ambassador. Mark has been a devoted fan of Spider-man for 17 years. After graduation, he plans to go to graduate school and then teach high school for several years and later on run for Colorado Board of Education.