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Group of friends jumping in front of a sunset over a lake

Wondering how you start friendships in college, when you're with a bunch of strangers? Here are some of the people you'll meet in class, at the residence halls and dining halls, in clubs, at your job and more! [READ FULL POST]

Paths diverge

Once you get to college, sometimes you discover that your dream job isn't actually your dream job. If that happens, what do you need to know before changing your major? [READ FULL POST]

Tree on green on college campus with brick building

The college search is often accompanied by another search that might have an even bigger impact on where you attend: the scholarship search. Here, we discuss a few types of scholarships to look for. [READ FULL POST]

Duck trying to swim

Everyone fails sometimes. But how do you handle those moments? A college freshman opens up about what she learned from failure as she juggled school, work and illness. [READ FULL POST]

College, High School Musical-style

Here's to breaking free from the status quo. As you look toward college, start thinking about who — and how — you want to be. [READ FULL POST]