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Chromebooks and college: Do they mix?

Chromebooks are a cheap, user-friendly brand of laptop from Google. They run Google’s own Chrome OS, a simple and sleek operating system that’s optimized for browsing the web. K-12 schools have deployed them en-masse, but are they viable in college? [READ FULL POST]

A woman training with weights. She is smiling as her personal trainer advises her.

Accomplishing goals takes a lot more than just gritting your teeth and pushing through. As UNC's Kathryn Lundberg tells us, you need to be SMART about your goals. [READ FULL POST]

A woman on the floor, studying, looking excited

You’re 18, and you don’t think you’re ready for any of this. There’s suddenly tuition to pay, advising appointments to make, and the matter of your dirty clothes, dishes and next meal to plan for. Welcome to the rest of your life. Now what? [READ FULL POST]

Bear and a tent

You might spend 14 hours a day in your residence hall, studying and hanging out. Or you might only show up to sleep. Either way, here are some tips for making this space your own. [READ FULL POST]

Residence hall room example

It's almost move-in time. Are you thinking about how you'll fit all your stuff into a dorm room? Here are some tips on what to bring and what not to bring to college. [READ FULL POST]

It might feel like you're breaking the bank just to go to college, let alone to get the supplies you'll need once you're there. This college student shares tips on saving money and prioritizing your purchases. [READ FULL POST]