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The college search and admission process is full of deadlines, and the biggest date on many high school seniors' calendars is May 1 — college decision day. But whether that date will make or break you really depends on where you're looking. [READ FULL POST]

Taking a tour to decide on a college

Are you in the process of choosing a college? About to start searching and wondering what you should be looking for? Check out this roundup of the factors that are most important to your peers. [READ FULL POST]

Tough decisions

Making the decision to transfer schools is hard enough. Answering why you are doing it is even harder. [READ FULL POST]

Gap Year

There are arguments for taking a year off after high school, just as there are arguments for going straight to a university or college. We break down some of the benefits and considerations of each path. [READ FULL POST]

Reading your award letter

You've applied, filled out your FAFSA, and received a letter about your financial aid. Now what? [READ FULL POST]