While the numbers suggest that earning a degree will have a big payoff, there's more to consider when making a college choice. A new book out this year called "There is Life After College" persuasively argues that it's not just important that you go to college (and earn your degree). It's also, as author Jeff Selingo recently said on PBS, "really important what you do while you're there."

You can see the full PBS story here.

Selingo categorizes college grads as either sprinters, wanderers or stragglers. What separates the "sprinters" from their peers, he writes, is that 80 percent of those in that category (who leave school with a job) got a head start by doing an internship in college.

But it's not just internships. The students in this group also spent their college years doing large projects, studying abroad, and playing sports — all experiences that helped them land jobs post-graduation.

As you and yours consider next steps in your college search, make sure you're looking at what Colorado's colleges and universities have to offer to connect students with such opportunities. Below is just a small listing of offices that focus on doing that:

UC Boulder Center for Career Readiness

Colorado State University Career Center

University of Northern Colorado Center for Career Readiness

Western State Colorado University Center for Career Readiness