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Getting involved in politics

US Capitol

Natalie Tanner
April 03, 2017

Before going to college, many young people share the views and values of their parents concerning politics. One amazing aspect about being at a university, though, is getting a fresh perspective on politics almost daily.

Before college, I was someone who had absolutely no interest in politics. But after almost three years of seeing politics and advocacy across my campus, I can proudly say that I am someone who actually cares about politics and the political environment on my campus. My newfound love for politics has flourished, grown and changed throughout my time in college.

One example of a topic that affects college students is educational policy. Right now, the U.S. has a controversial Secretary of Education. As someone going to college, you have the chance to learn about current and proposed policies and how they will affect you as a student. Take in what others have to say about the Secretary of Education, whether you agree or disagree.

One soon-to-be college grad, for example, says, "It won't affect me. I'm done with school forever in May. But it will affect kids across the country, and that is reason enough to care. And I don't want someone who is so unknowledgeable about schooling leading our schools. Someone who wants to abolish public schools would make education inaccessible to millions of kids. That is important. Not to mention I will have kids some day, and I would like them to be able to attend school while still being able to save for their college education."

While one college student may feel this way, there are so many others who don't. I suggest that as someone who will be affected, and as someone who has the privilege of seeking higher education, you open your mind and seek to find a political stance of your own. Make sure that when you are seeking and learning about politics on the internet, you do the following to ensure you're getting accurate information:

  • Look at the quotes in the story, and look at who said them
  • Pay attention to the domain
  • Check the URL
  • Read through the comments
  • Do a reverse image search

You have the ability to create change on your campus. So do your research, and figure out your beliefs!


is a junior at UNC studying Psychology and Human Services. Natalie is the senior resident assistant of North Hall, a Social Media Ambassador for UNC, a former radio host, and an avid Amy Poehler fan. After graduation she plans to go to graduate school and become a therapist.