What does a college student bear in mind? 

There are so many things to keep track of in college: which classes you should take, where you should live, when you should go to the gym, what to eat, how to manage your time — the list just goes on and on.

As with any list, there are certain things that take priority over others. For some, it’s time with loved ones, and for others, it’s time alone. Students take pride in the things that top their lists. Here's what UNC Bears bear in mind. 

1. Their passions.

Some students, such as Journalism major Cassie Truelson, keep in mind their interests. 

"As a student, I bear in mind the Journalism and Media Studies program," she says. "It is what I am most passionate about on this campus and what I’m most passionate about in life." 

2. Sleep. 

A few students like to keep their minds at ease with rest and relaxation.

"I bear in mind sleep, sleep and more sleep," says Business student Kenneth Ward. 

"When can I relax, when can I sleep, when can I see my family," says Stephen Rice, a Journalism and Media Studies major. "Those are definitely things I bear in mind all the time." 

3. Time management.

"Something I bear in mind is time management," says Nursing major Kalyne Riley. "Balancing school work with my job as a home health aide, relaxing with friends and staying active."

"What upcoming assignments do I have? How will my education apply to my career? What are my grades? Those are things that always run through my head," says Tyana Gonzales, a Special Education major. "Also, I think about how I can best manage my time to juggle everything the best way that I can." 

4. Their grades (and what those mean for the future). 

For many students, the future takes the cake. 

"I generally think about my grades a decent amount," says Nick Williams, a Sport and Exercise Science major. "Also, I think about what being in college does for my future and what more I can do with a degree."

Remember to breathe deeply and enjoy the process!

There are a lot of things that college students must juggle, but college isn’t just a time filled with stress and trying to remember all your due dates and assignments. College is a time for self-exploration, developing your career and having fun. When you get to college, enjoy your time, and remember to bear in mind the things that are truly important.

Brittany Riley

is a junior majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with an emphasis in News and Multimedia Journalism, as well as a minor in Political Science. She works for the campus newspaper, The Mirror, as a sports reporter and for the campus news station, Bear News, as a sports anchor. After graduation, her goal is to get a job working at ESPN as an anchor.