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Higher ed jargon makes everything about the college search that much more complicated. Fear not: This quick guide will help you distinguish need-based from need-blind with ease. [READ FULL POST]

Summer jobs

Summer jobs are for people who are going places. Even if you're handing burgers out the drive-through window. [READ FULL POST]


Studies prove that a college education, while expensive, pays off. [READ FULL POST]

You can go to an elite institution or the same state school that half your high school went to — what really matters is what you do while you're there. [READ FULL POST]

Katniss from Hunger Games

Believe it or not, light summer reading and English class mainstays alike can help point you in the right direction for college. Read on to see what kind of college advice is subtly offered by The Hunger Games, Shakespeare and more. [READ FULL POST]