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When it comes time to pack for college, what technology — headphones, speakers, cords, TV, printer, calculator — will you actually need? A college senior shares what he's learned. [READ FULL POST]

Paths diverge

Once you get to college, sometimes you discover that your dream job isn't actually your dream job. If that happens, what do you need to know before changing your major? [READ FULL POST]

A professor and her student stand with equipment in a biology lab.

Here are some tips on how to build relationships with the people who are going to spend four years prepping you for your career. [READ FULL POST]

Tree on green on college campus with brick building

The college search is often accompanied by another search that might have an even bigger impact on where you attend: the scholarship search. Here, we discuss a few types of scholarships to look for. [READ FULL POST]

Sprawling roots in a sun-drenched forest

So you finally arrive at college. You move in, start classes and figure out how to check your mail and swipe into the dining hall. What's next? How do you plant roots and take advantage of your time in college? [READ FULL POST]

Road leading from the countryside into a big city

As you search for a university, remember that you're not just looking for a place to learn. You're looking for a place to live (and maybe even call home) for the next four years. Ask yourself these questions as you evaluate your options. [READ FULL POST]

Grants and loans awarded after filling out your FAFSA are an important part of funding college. Make sure you fill out this crucial application to help maximize your chances of getting a good financial aid package. [READ FULL POST]