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A small dog covered in bills of varying notations.

Verification happens to around 30 percent of all FAFSA applications in the United States. What does verification mean, and what should you do if it happens to you? [READ FULL POST]

Wooden surface with paper, coffee, plant, hands poised to write

Writers write. But with college, work and life in the way, hobbies and passions can sometimes feel relegated to the back seat. Here's how to keep your writing a part of your college life. [READ FULL POST]

A woman on the floor, studying, looking excited

You’re 18, and you don’t think you’re ready for any of this. There’s suddenly tuition to pay, advising appointments to make, and the matter of your dirty clothes, dishes and next meal to plan for. Welcome to the rest of your life. Now what? [READ FULL POST]

A young boy walks down a road with a suitcase that is too large for him.

First time going to another country? Don't panic. These five rules of travel will help you keep foreign soil beneath your feet. [READ FULL POST]

Two people walk down a path in the woods with backpacks

If you're thinking about college, knowing when to start looking and when to submit which forms can be overwhelming. Here's a quick overview for you. [READ FULL POST]

Two male college students sit in the student center and look at a laptop

So you’re sitting at your computer, screen set to search, cursor poised to type. What now? How do you begin to figure out what you want in a college? Start here. [READ FULL POST]

Students walk through three doors in a building on campus

If you’re on the fence about attending a university after high school, that may be because you don’t know if college is right for you. Here are some common hesitations — and why you should still consider attending. [READ FULL POST]