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Finance Data Access

The Finance Data Steward is responsible for the approval and monitoring of access to Banner Finance, Insight Finance and Xtender Finance.

In order to request access to any of these three areas, you will need to submit the appropriate security request form located on the Technical Support Center website. Once you sign in to the UNC technical support portal, you may find the forms in the following areas:

  • Banner Finance security request - type "Banner Security Forms" in the portal search bar. Choose Banner - Security Forms under Knowledge Base.
  • Xtender security access - type "Xtender" in the portal search bar. Choose Xtender UNC Security Forms Access under Service Request.
  • Insight security access - type in "Insight" in the portal search bar. Choose Insight - Account Request under Knowledge Base.

For FOAPAL approval authority, please visit the General Accounting web page where you will find Approval Queue Instructions and the Approval Queue Authorization forms.