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COVID-19 has caused many unexpected shifts in the way most of us live our lives. In light of this, CFACS understands it is necessary to proceed with a firm base of mindfulness within ourselves. In an effort to help as many people as possible, we have tips on how to mindfully accept changes.

Center for Applied Contemplative Studies

The Center for Applied Contemplative Studies (CFACS) was created to assist members of the UNC community and beyond in cultivating mindfulness in their personal, professional, and scholarly lives.

We strive to provide that assistance in your development. Whether you’ve been practicing mindfulness for years or have never heard of it before: Welcome!

Have questions or want to learn more? Reach out to us at cfacs@unco.edu!


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What is Mindfulness?

We define mindfulness as learning to direct one's awareness and attention on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

Practicing Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness can often be described as a subset of Contemplative Studies, which focus on the power and value of introspection, compassion, and critical thinking in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

What are Contemplative Studies?

We define contemplative studies as experimentation with and dedication to mindful practices that reconnect us to ourselves, each other, other beings, our communities, and our natural world.

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Want Opportunities to Practice?

CFACS hosts plenty of interactive and fun events, including contemplative practices trainings, meditation drop-in sessions, workshops, retreats and more.

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Mindful AF

The Mindful Affinity Fellowship (Mindful AF) is the UNC student branch of CFACS. Here you will find students’ stories, learn about student-oriented events and programs.

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Mindfulness Communities

A strong community is one of the best ways to expand the concepts of contemplative studies, and we want to help foster these in as many ways as possible. We’re gathering  to build mindfulness communities with those who share your interests—both in-person and virtually!

More details coming soon!

"In this rapidly changing world, people seek stability, clarity, meaning, purpose, and peace of mind. Through practices such as mindfulness meditation, movement, and contemplative practices rooted in human interconnection, natural environments, and faith and ancestral traditions, the Center for Applied Contemplative Studies aims to understand and contribute to wellness of the whole person, whole society, and whole planet."