Lauryn Benedict

Lauryn Benedict

Associate Professor

School of Biological Sciences
Natural and Health Sciences

Contact Information

Ross Hall, Room 2546
Office Hours
MW: 11-12:30
Mailing Address
501 20th Street, Greeley, CO 80639


Research/Areas of Interest

I study animal communication and social behavior. My research focuses on bird song as a model system for understanding how signals evolve in nature. To understand song function I examine how individuals use vocal signals within particular environmental and social contexts. I study larger patterns of song evolution by measuring how songs vary through time and space, both within and between species. Current projects examine the function and evolution of song and duets among Colorado wren species, New World sparrows, and Old World warblers. Research in the lab combines field observation, population-monitoring, and sound recording analyses within a phylogenetic context.

Publications/Creative Works

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