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Welcome to Biology

Your education is our primary mission. We offer you a friendly, supportive, and student-centered educational environment.  Our classes are taught by professors who are experts in their fields.  They will help you gain real-world experience in our cutting-edge teaching and research facilities.  Learning and doing biology at UNC will give you the skills and confidence to succeed in whatever future you choose.

Biology news

Congratulations to Dr. James!

Recipient of the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Career Starter Grant for her work in zebrafish eye development.

Learn more about Dr. James' research


Knights Templar award

The story of a biology PhD graduate


“In the laboratory, I had a tremendous amount of freedom and support from my advisor and colleagues, which truly helped me become the researcher I wanted to be, all while answering some really interesting scientific questions.”

Read Anthony's story


Prehealth advising

Check out the new pre-health web site to learn how to prepare for a career in health-related fields including medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.


Learning in the field

Dr. Ginger Fisher gave her students an up-close experience in marine biology through a field trip to the barrier reefs of Belize

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 Field trip to the reefs of Belize

Cutting edge research

Dr. Stephan Mackessy is an internationally recognized expert on venomous snakes.  His research has been featured on Fox News, the British Broadcasting Corporation, and the Discovery Channel.

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Mackessy with snake

Science with an impact

Dr. Scott Franklin is a professor with burning questions.  He studies the resilience of plant ecosystems after disturbances such as fire, flood, and insect infestations, all of which are common here in Colorado.  

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Learning science by doing science

At UNC you have the opportunity to learn biology through doing biology research.  Then tell the world about what you have discovered at UNC's research celebration.

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Undergraduate research

 Susan Keenan

From the School Director

"The School of Biology provides an environment to nurture success — for students and faculty alike. We have modern facilities and the cutting edge equipment necessary for teaching and research as well as many highly motivated and talented faculty and students. A highlight for me: the one-on-one faculty-student mentoring experiences that take place in the lab. These interactions are richly rewarding and are indicative of the many wonderful opportunities available at UNC.” -Dr. Susan Keenan

Biology Degree Options

Undergraduate Degree Emphases

At UNC, when you declare a major in biology, you’ll take classes from professors who are experts in your interest area. You’ll benefit from a student-centered education and can earn your Bachelor of Science in Biology degree with an emphasis in:

Graduate Degrees

Pursue research-intensive graduate work in biology, or focus on coursework-based graduate programs as you earn your master’s or doctorate at UNC. 

Research-intensive graduate programs:

 Coursework-based graduate programs (M.S. and M.B.S.):

  • Master's of Science (M.S., non-thesis) in Biological Sciences offered on-campus and online.
  • Master's of Biomedical Sciences (M.B.S.) offered on-campus and online