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1.  Logging On

  • Go to the World Language Day login page.
    • The password is: “wlduser”.
    • Enter this into the “Login Key”.
    • **All letters must be lower-case and have no spaces.
  • Click on “Submit”.

2.  To Register a New School

  • Click on “Register a School” and simply follow the directions and prompts. 
  • **If you select a wrong option by mistake or you have typed in the wrong information, email Lucas McCamon at: lucas.mccamon@unco.edu and let him know what information needs to be changed.

3.  To Register a New Teacher Entry

  • Click the appropriate ACT for your school. This will take you to the World Language Day school page.
  • Click on “Register a Teacher” and enter in the correct information.
  • **Please check and double check that the information is correct! This goes directly into the WLD database and the only way to change information is to contact Lucas McCamon at: lucas.mccamon@unco.edu
  • Then click “Submit” to add a teacher. 

4.  To Register a Student

  • Once the list of teachers has been updated to include your information, (Remember that each language must have a separate entry, even if it is the same teacher) click on your name to be taken to the World Language Day Student Registration page.
  • Type in student names and levels (Use Arabic numerals and not  Roman numerals) Be sure that the student names are typed correctly. These names go directly into the World Language Day database, and errors will be carried through onto participation certificates, etc. When finished, click “Submit” to Add Student.
  • You can register ONE student at a time. We want to make sure that the student’s names, levels, etc. are correct, so by registering one student, you can be accurate. You can register as many students as you would like.
  • Note: To register a native speaker; make sure their level is 6. Please do not  use asterisks as in previous years!

5.  To Register Students for Competitions

  • Once you’ve registered all the students for participation in WLD, the next step is to register individuals for competitions. Click on a student’s name to be taken to the World Language Day Student Competitions page.
  • Check the appropriate boxes for the applicable competitions. 
  • *Not every student who attends WLD must be registered for individual competitions but must be registered as a non-competitor if not competing.
  • The registration program will not allow more than the allotted number of students to register.
  • The registration program will not allow students of the incorrect level to register for (non-applicable) level-specific competitions. (i.e. Level 1s can only be registered for Level 1 competitions, etc…)
  • Special Note: For the Video- All Levels (All Languages) competition, each school is allowed to send four videos per language. You may choose the level(s) of students – level I, II, III, IV, V, or native speaker. PLEASE DO NOT MIX LEVELS IN A VIDEO. Videos will be judged on fluency, pronunciation, delivery, blocking/choreography and originality. In addition, the quality of recording will be considered. Once registration has been received for the competition, we will send you a link to the Flip site, where you can film and upload your entry.
  • Clicking on the titles of the events will lead to a page which describes the event and shows who is registered for the event from the specific (The listed students are teacher and school specific, as well.) Closing this window when you are finished with it will not erase any information.
  • When you are finished registering the specific student for all applicable competitions, click the “Submit” tab.
  • Once you have returned to the “World Language Day Student Registration” page and may now repeat the registration process until all applicable students are registered.
  • If you received a message saying, “Sorry the level of this student is not the same as what has been assigned to this competition” or “Sorry you cannot exceed the maximum number of students for a competition, you may want to check who is already assigned to this competition,” click OK. Only the erroneously selected competition will not register. All other competitions selected for this student will be indexed.

6.  Log off when you are finished/timed-out

  • If the program does not sense registration activity, it may time out (meaning you will have to log in again). However, all information that was submitted (meaning you clicked the “Submit” button) will be saved.

7.  Modifying Student Information Once You Have Logged Off

  • To modify student information, login in once again.
    • Password is “wlduser
  • Click the School Code
  • Click your name
  • Then click the student name
  • **If you need to modify School information or Teacher information, you need to contact Lucas McCamon at: lucas.mccamon@unco.edu

Registration Cost Information

If you have any general questions about World Language Day, contact Lucas McCamon at: lucas.mccamon@unco.edu