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What is Rowing, Not Drifting 2030?

Rowing, Not Drifting

July 10, 2020

UNC President Andy Feinstein, Ph.D., spent the past a year and a half getting to know UNC’s unique people, strengths and opportunities. Through that work, and with input from stakeholders across campus and beyond, a decade-long vision emerged: Rowing, Not Drifting 2030: Students First.

This vision, distilled into a document available to all online, names five sets of outcomes that UNC will work to achieve by 2030. All ultimately point to one goal: Provide an educational experience filled with intentional connections that prepares every student for a successful career.  

The five categories for the outcomes are: 

Students First

We exist to transform the lives of our students. We focus on all aspects of their success by making intentional decisions to meet their needs and the needs of our community.

Empower Inclusivity

The diversity within our university and state is a distinct advantage that we celebrate and nurture. We ensure learning occurs through meaningful discussion of shared and different experiences, viewpoints, and ideas. 

Enhance and Invest

The success of students relies on a healthy and strong team. We provide our staff and faculty with the support they need to succeed as professionals, educators, and in life. We foster an environment where their individual well-being and sense of belonging are vital to our collective success. 

Innovate and Create

Learning occurs through critical inquiry, discovery, and creation. We leverage technology and capitalize on opportunities to innovate and improve instruction. We anticipate and address societal needs by transforming the campus into a creative laboratory that asks questions, solves problems, and shapes Colorado’s future. 

Connect and Celebrate

Strong community connections provide authentic learning experiences and reciprocal partnerships and collaborations. We set the standard for how engaged universities enrich the lives of those on campus, throughout Colorado, and beyond. 

Currently, subgroups are working on operationalizing the plan by coming up with specific goals to reach each of the outcomes. On June 12, 2020, the UNC Board of Trustees will review the final Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 goals for immediate implementation.

Read the full document and follow along with UNC’s progress at
Strategic Planning