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Last Look

Mehrgan Mostowfi

Photo by Woody Myers

May 01, 2017

Imagination Required

UNC Assistant Professor Mehrgan Mostowfi encourages his Software Engineering students to put their creativity to work.

With a master’s and doctorate in computer science and engineering from the University of South Florida, Mehrgan Mostowfi says he came to UNC because of his passion for teaching, and the opportunity to work with a young, growing program.

“This is a young, dynamic program. Enrollment is growing steadily and the class sizes are kept low to provide students with the attention they deserve,”
he says.

It’s also a growing field with great potential. “Software is now used in most aspects of our lives. Choosing a career in building software gives one the freedom to work in virtually any business or field they would like, building software for their particular needs,” he says. “I also enjoy creating real things from my imagination, which is exactly what is done in this field; creating real software from an imaginary design.”

Mostowfi brings his passion for this creative, vibrant process to the classroom, and he also brings his expertise as a scholar. He focuses his research on methods for reducing the energy consumption of information communication technology (ICT) systems that are parts of a computer network, including Ethernet links, network switches, desktops and laptops and web servers. “The amount of energy that ICT systems consume is high: around $10 billion a year just in the U.S. Considering the high number of ICT systems, even a small reduction in their energy consumption has high economic impact as well as environmental benefits,” he says.