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Cross Division Teams

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services has several teams committed to different purposes. They are as follows:

  • Budget
    • Identifies training topics, skill levels, and training facilitators.
    • Develops budget acumen for unit leaders.
    • Ensures the budget process reflects the goals and priorities of the university and division.
  • Communications
    • Identifies training topics, skill levels, and training facilitators.
    • Identifies key metrics and evaluation methods for effective communication.
    • Ensures each unit identifies through the position pdq a communication/marketing position.
  • Assessment & Data Governance
    • Identifies the systematic collection, review, and use of information about the effectiveness of programs and services.
    • Develops assessment acumen through training
    • Reviews unit assessment plans to ensure all programs and services will meet or exceed nationally accepted standards.
  • Strategic Planning (Program Review)
    • Identifies the Strategic Planning process for units.
    • Sets the schedule for Program Review.
    • Ensures unit strategic plans are connected to the university' strategic planning and strategic enrollment management goals.


Annual Impact Reports