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Residence Hall Association Committees

RHA offers a variety of ad-hoc committees and annual committees to participate in every year! To learn more about any of our committees please contact us at RHA.UNCO@gmail.com

Assessment Committee

The RHA Assessment Committee is here to lay the groundwork for the re-writing of a new strategic plan in the coming years. We will be assessing the effectiveness of programming, RHA business meetings, initiatives, and overall structure of RHA. It's encouraged that if this is NOT your first year in RHA that you consider joining this committee, HOWEVER - this committee is open to both new and veteran members of RHA. We will seek throughout the year to identify strengths in our organization as well as work toward mending our weaknesses. For more information concerning meeting times and efforts please email



Programming Committee

The Programming Commitee focuses mainly on supporting the Community Council programmers and the programs that each of their individual halls and communities put on. We talk about how to create better programs, how to make programs more successful, how to advertise and so much more! Even though the programmers from each Community Council are required to sit on Programming Committee, anyone can join! For more information concerning meeting times and efforts please email alexis.mccowan@unco.edu

Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committee is a new effort lead by RHA's NCC Jose Portillo. In this Committee we will be re-evaluating RHA's Advocacy efforts while working to stream line advocacy for the Residences Hall Association. This semester we will be working on two advocacy proposals. For more information concerning meeting times and efforts please email jose.portillo@unco.edu

Public Relations and Fundraising Committee

The Marketing and Promotion Committee helps students get involved in different clubs or programs through multiple forms of promotion. Members will help manage RHA's multiple media outlets as well as design and help distribute promotional material throughout campus. The Marketing Promotion Committee hopes to work closely with other student organizations to assist in promoting their programs as well. For more information concerning meeting times and efforts please email carson.pecot@unco.edu 


OTM Committee

 The Of The Month (OTM) committee focuses on reading OTMs submitted by students, faculty, and staff during the months of each semester. Each committee member will get to vote in each category submitted for that month. The OTMs with the most votes from each category will be sent to the IACURH Regional OTM Committee. The OTM Committee is a time for reflect on the past, recognize those amazing people on our campus, and have fun. Come join the OTM Selection Committee! For more information concerning meeting times and efforts please email tiffanie.harvey@unco.edu 

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