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Residence Hall Association Committees

RHA offers a variety of ad-hoc committees and annual committees to participate in every year! To learn more about any of our committees please contact us at RHA.UNCO@gmail.com

Bid/Conference Committee

The Bid and Conference Committee focuses on the process to create bids and improve one’s skill in crafting award bids as well as on conferences (preparation, what to expect, handy tips and tricks for making the most of your conference experience). The subject of specific meetings will depend on whether we are currently in bid season or conference season as well as what committee members would like to work on. This committee welcomes both returning RHA members as well as newcomers to come and learn more about RHA on a broader level.

Programming Committee

The Programming Council focuses mainly on supporting the Community Council programmers and the programs that each of their individual halls and communities put on. We talk about how to create better programs, how to make programs more successful, strategies to really cater to their community's wants and needs and so much more! Even though the programmers from each Community Council are required to sit on Programming Committee, anyone can join! My goal with this council is to allow a safe place to float ideas as well as ask for advice, gain support as well as utilize the resources I have provided. The programmer is an extremely important piece of the community council puzzle. For more information concerning meeting times or anything else, please email katelyn.lowell@unco.edu.

Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion Committee

A safe space for learning and sharing different backgrounds and diaspora then our own. Then, applying that education and using it in our daily lives. This committee is conversation fueled and covers many social topics to help students understand and navigate the multitude of identities encountered in the world. Meeting times are Fridays (bimonthly) 2:00-3:00PM in Harrison 174B (RHA Office). Please contact Alexis McCowan for more information at Alexis.McCowan@unco.edu.

Information Processing Committee

The Information Processing Committee is a committee devoted to learning. We understand that RHA vernacular, meetings, and processes can be very confusing so our goal is to ensure that members of RHA are fully informed. We encourage all members to join, whether you’ve been with RHA for years or this is your first time, everyone has something to contribute and everyone will leave with more knowledge about RHA. For more information concerning meeting times and efforts please email Genesis.Green@unco.edu.