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A National Leader with a Stellar Track Record

When major sports organizations look for new front-office talent, they look to UNC. We have a national reputation as a training ground for leaders in sport administration, business and marketing. With a UNC master’s in Sport and Exercise Science (Sport Administration emphasis) you'll stand out in this crowded job market.

One of the first universities to offer graduate degrees in Sport Administration, UNC is a pioneering leader in the field. Hundreds of our graduates have achieved high-level success in the sports industry. You can, too.

Degree Details

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Degree Option

M.S. in Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Administration

UNC’s master’s degree program totals 30 credits of coursework. Our sport administration program is particularly known for its strengths in sports business, including areas such as finance, marketing and management. Choose up to three elective courses to focus the degree on your own interests or career goals, then cap off your degree with a professional internship for valuable work experience and references.

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Degree Requirements

Your Future in Sport Administration

UNC’s sport administration master’s degree program prepares you to succeed in the job market in multiple ways. You'll gain sophisticated analytical and problem-solving skills that sport industry employers are looking for. In addition, you will benefit from the program’s widespread alumni network, which encompasses the professional, college and international levels. Our graduates have an outstanding employment track record, with a very high job-placement rate. There is no better place to start your career.

Consider UNC's M.S. in Sport Administration if you want to:

  • Work for a team in the NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB
  • Hold a leadership role (including athletic director) for a major college program
  • Pursue a career in Olympic sports and other forms of international competition
  • Work for a pro sport team overseas
  • Complete a graduate degree online

You’ll learn:

  • Management skills
  • Ability to analyze marketing, sales, pricing and more
  • How to model and forecast consumer behavior
  • Negotiating sponsorships, partnerships and other agreements

Sample courses:

  • Sports Public Relations and Information Systems
  • Legal Aspects of Sport
  • Management of Sports Facilities and Equipment
  • Issues and Ethics in Sport Management
  • Sport Promotion and Marketing
  • Financial Implications of Sport

Beyond the Classroom

The master’s in sport administration includes an internship experience with an organization in professional, college or amateur sports where you'll develop workplace skills, showcase your abilities and establish the beginnings of a professional network. Colorado offers an extremely diverse range of internship possibilities, with teams in every major professional sport, numerous Division I college programs and the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

Where can your degree take you? 

Sport administrator in many major leagues

Administrator in major league sports

Career in competitions

Careers in Olympic athletics and other international competition

Leadership positions

Leadership positions in major college athletics

Start-up positions

Start-up positions in new and emerging sports leagues

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