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Human Services B.S.

Our Human Services bachelor’s degree program empowers you to make an immediate impact in your community. You’ll have the opportunity for extensive, hands-on field experience with a variety of human service agencies, finding your niche within a diverse field and building practical skills employers value.

UNC’s program stands out for its superior professional opportunities. You’ll work directly with diverse populations, while building relationships with human service professionals in the classroom and a wide range of workplace settings. The Human Services program features small classes, attentive faculty and the option to tailor the program to your career goals. You can choose a focus area for your elective courses or take a combination from the areas of Community Health, Gerontology and Rehabilitation Services. You may have opportunities to participate in faculty-led research, while building an excellent foundation for the work force, graduate school and long-term career growth.

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Human services professionals assist individuals and communities in functioning
more efficiently. Download our Human Services studies career guide.

Jill Bezyak


Dr. Jill Bezyak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

A certified rehabilitation counselor who works in a broad range of fields, Jill Bezyak, Ph.D., teaches both graduate and undergraduate students. In 2015, Bezyak received a five-year, $938,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education to train graduate students as vocational rehabilitation counselors who serve individuals with disabilities. These specialized counselors will serve individuals with severe mental illness and other disabilities, as well as disabled individuals who are transition-age or members of culturally diverse populations. Bezyak serves on the board of the National Council on Rehabilitation Education.

Learn More about Dr. Bezyak

Degree Options

Choose from three optional focus areas for UNC's bachelor's degree in Human Services:

B.S. in Human Services: Community Health

This focus area prepares you for careers and/or graduate school in public health. You’ll learn and practice strategies for health education, disease prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, with a special focus on at-risk communities. The community health focus area includes opportunities for field experience at agencies such as the North Colorado Medical Center, Monfort Children’s Clinic, American Cancer Society and Colorado Department of Health.

B.S. in Human Services: Gerontology

As America’s population ages, so does the demand for skilled professionals who can help seniors lead healthy, productive lives. You’ll gain an understanding of mental and physical health programs for older adults, senior housing services, policy issues related to Medicare and Social Security and strategies for keeping older adults connected to their families and communities. Spend internship and volunteer hours in assisted living centers, social service agencies, senior centers, long-term care facilities, hospitals, health clinics and related venues.

B.S. in Human Services: Rehabilitative Services

Learn to help individuals and families deal with challenges related to mental health, substance abuse, physical or developmental disabilities and other issues. Study client assessment, case management, communication and helping skills, and the medical and psychological impacts of disability. The program offers field placements with social service organizations, government agencies, drug and alcohol rehab centers, nonprofits, centers for independent living and related facilities.

Your Future in Human Services

UNC’s Human Services degree provides outstanding career preparation. Develop skills in applied research and program evaluation, organizational administration, service learning, ethics, entrepreneurship and more. Our graduates do well in the job market and graduate school placements. You’ll begin your career with extensive experience, professional references and a network of relationships.

Consider UNC's B.S. in Human Services if you:

  • Seek a rewarding career in community service
  • Are passionate about helping others
  • Communicate well
  • Are relationship-oriented

You'll learn:

  • Client intake and evaluation
  • Navigating service organizations
  • Working with diverse populations
  • Creative problem-solving and programming

Sample courses:

  • Human Services Helping Skills
  • Foundations of Health Promotions
  • Human Services Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Working with Families in Rehabilitation
  • Community Resources for Older Adults

Beyond the Classroom

UNC's Human Services bachelor’s degree provides extraordinary learning opportunities outside the classroom. You’ll gain hundreds of hours of supervised, hands-on experience via internships and volunteer service. UNC’s Human Services program maintains relationships with dozens of service agencies and organizations, enabling you to sample a broad range of professional environments, work with many types of populations and get experience in settings that closely match your career interests.

Where can your degree take you?

  • Social services agency
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Social science research
  • Public policy
  • Graduate Education

Current Research in Human Services

Joyce Weil, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Joyce Weil is collaborating with psychology professor Nancy Karlin on an interdisciplinary research project. They are examining differences in access and availability of community-based services for older persons living in rural settings in three counties of northern Colorado. 

Rural living

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