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Environmental Geosciences P.S.M.

With small classes and close faculty attention, the University of Northern Colorado’s P.S.M. in environmental geosciences offers tremendous flexibility, independence and applied experience. You’ll deepen your technological fluency, formulate creative approaches to scientific challenges and sharpen your communication ability. The program includes an internship with a geoscience company or agency, while providing opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills and collaborate with specialists from multiple scientific disciplines. You’ll graduate with a broad set of high-level competencies and a proven ability to tackle demanding scientific tasks.

Academic Mastery, Professional Polish

Innovative and experience-deep, the Environmental Geosciences P.S.M. program offers advanced scientific training for high-level careers in resource management, energy development, environmental regulation, public policy and related fields. You’ll conduct sophisticated fieldwork, data gathering and statistical analysis, while cultivating the managerial and communication skills necessary to lead and communicate about complex scientific inquiries.

Degree Details

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Degree Option

P.S.M. in Environmental Geosciences

The Professional Science Master’s degree integrates high-level academic work with professional skill development. UNC’s program includes a three-credit internship in a corporate, government or nonprofit workplace and is certified by the Council of Graduate Schools through the Professional Science Master’s Association. You can complete the 30-credit program in 12 to 18 months. 

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Degree Requirements

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Your Future in Environmental Geosciences

The Environmental Geosciences P.S.M. qualifies you for high-level employment in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. You’ll be prepared for managerial jobs in industries such as resource extraction, technology and environmental regulation, or may pursue opportunities as an independent consultant or entrepreneur. UNC’s location is a major plus, as Colorado is a dynamic hub of cutting-edge activity in the environmental geosciences, with many opportunities for direct experience and specialized expertise in water, fossil fuels, mining, renewable energy and other sub-disciplines.

Consider UNC's P.S.M. in Environmental Geosciences if you want to:

  • Seek advancement to the managerial level or above
  • Are enthusiastic about fieldwork and hands-on experience
  • Have in interest in pairing advanced academic knowledge with professional development

You’ll learn:

  • Management and communication skills
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Environmental regulatory standards
  • Industrial employment practices

Sample courses:

  • Global Change
  • Petroleum and Energy
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Communication and Leadership

Beyond the Classroom

The P.S.M. program in environmental geosciences culminates in a three-credit internship with an industry or government employer. Colorado offers a wide variety of outstanding internship experiences with world leaders in industry, environmental technology and geoscience research. The region is home to major federal government facilities such as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. Geological Survey and National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Where can your degree take you?

  • Managerial job in energy, mining or other extractive industry
  • Environmental regulation
  • Research and development
  • Independent consulting
  • Entrepreneurship

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