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Curriculum Studies M.A.T.

Earn your master’s degree at the university that prepares the largest number of teachers in Colorado. In UNC’s Education Master of Arts in Teaching: Curriculum Studies program, you’ll work closely with top educators, gaining skills to enhance student learning and curriculum development in school systems.

You’ll also apply your learning through extensive classroom experience and research opportunities. Designed for working teachers, the Curriculum Studies degree can be completed online in just two years and you can start any academic term.

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Time to Completion:

2 Years

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M.A.T. in Curriculum Studies

In this program you’ll analyze contemporary practices and theories relating to knowledge acquisition as a means of enhancing student learning and the curriculum development process within school systems. Three abilities are emphasized throughout the program: critical reflections, systematic inquiry and collaboration.

The Curriculum Studies M.A.T. is designed for all teachers, K-12, and can be completed fully online. You can begin this continuous enrollment graduate program in any semester.

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"The Curriculum Studies program combined the philosophical foundations of curriculum with the current research of best practice in the classroom to provide a well-rounded and insightful view of the field I am diving into. Because of the flexibility of the evening and online courses, I was able to continue my career while teaching full time, allowing me to transfer new ideas to my classroom immediately."

 - Antonio Pinedo, North Valley Middle School, La Salle, Colorado

Your Future in Curriculum Studies

Learn from the best in a nationally recognized program that graduates one-third of the Colorado Teacher of the Year award winners. Designated by the Colorado Legislature as the primary institution for undergraduate and graduate teacher education in the state, we prepare the largest number of teachers in Colorado and rank fifth in teacher candidate graduates in the nation.

Consider UNC’s M.A.T. Curriculum Studies if you:

  • Want to gain skills to advance your K-12 teaching career
  • Are looking for a flexible master’s program you can complete online while continuing your teaching career

You’ll learn:

  • How to design, evaluate and implement curriculum
  • How to analyze contemporary practices and theories related to learning
  • How to apply best practices for content-specific pedagogy
  • How to conduct, analyze and utilize research in education

Sample courses:

  • Teacher Research
  • Foundations of Curriculum Development and Instructional Practice
  • Pluralism in Education
  • Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • Current Issues in Instruction and Assessment Practices
  • Introduction to Graduate Research

Beyond the Classroom

A master’s degree in curriculum studies will enhance your teaching abilities while increasing your marketability and earning potential.

Where can your degree take you?

The theories, skills and strategies you’ll learn in the Curriculum Studies program will prepare you for new roles in teaching and the broader field of education, including:

  • K-12 teacher
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Principal

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