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CAATE Accredited Professional AT Program

  • Degree Transition Information

    The Professional AT Program at UNC intends to transtion the level of degree offered to a Master of Science in Athletic Training.  The program is currently completing the University processes to develop the new graduate program.  At this point, the program anticipates the final cohort will be admitted into the undergraduate degree program in Spring 2020 (applications submitted Fall 2019), with that cohort scheduled to graduate in Spring 2022.  The program will then admit the initial cohort to the gradaute program in advance of the Fall 2021 semester, with that cohort scheduled to graduate in Spring 2023.

    Effective Spring 2019, only transfer students admitted to the University may declare AT-Seeking as their intended course of study and they may only do so after consulting with the AT Program Director. 

    For any questions, please contact the AT program faculty.

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The University of Northern Colorado has the longest standing accredited Athletic Training Program in the state of Colorado. UNC's program has developed a large alumni base of successful professionals in all levels and areas of sports medicine. The demanding program is 5 semesters in length. Students develop knowledge, skill, and ability within the areas of medical evaluation, rehabilitation, treatment protocols, emergency care, injury prevention strategies, health administration, human performance, and more.