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Physics Programs

All physics majors take a core of courses that contains, in addition to the physics curriculum, two courses that focus on the mathematics required for physics, two upper-level laboratory experiences, a seminar course, and two research courses. Students can select the general Physics B.S. program, or include one of four emphasis areas, each of which adds specialized courses to the core.

Emphasis Areas

Four-year plans for the general physics B.S. degree, the astronomy emphasis, the engineering physics emphasis, the mathematical physics emphasis, and the secondary teaching emphasis.

Course Schedule

An overview of courses offered during the academic year and during the summer sessions, as well as a list of courses offered every other year.

Physics Minor

A description of the physics minor and a list of requirements.

Masters Program in Science Education

In addition, UNC offers a Masters Program in Science Education. This is a graduate interdisciplinary MA in Natural Sciences tailored for practicing science teachers. It is presented primarily online, making it flexible and convenient to attend around your schedule. Faculty from UNC’s science programs teach and advise for this degree program.