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Timothy Grover

Timothy Grover

Department Chair, Professor of Geology

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Natural Health Sciences

Contact Information

Ross Hall 3235B


Professional/Academic Experience

Dr. Grover joined the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences as the Department Chair in July 2018. He previously served for over 10 years as the Chair of the Natural Sciences Department at Castleton University in Vermont.

Research/Areas of Interest

Dr. Grover's research interests are metamorphic petrology, tectonics, and petrochronology

His current research involves studying the geologic evolution of upper amphibolite – granulite facies rocks in the eastern Adirondacks. The research involves both a field and laboratory component. The project involves integrating field data, petrofabric analysis including kinematic indicators, metamorphic mineral assemblages, metamorphic mineral chemistry analyzed with an electron microprobe, along with monazite and zircon geochemistry and age data to understand the Mesoproterozoic geologic evolution of the eastern Adirondacks.

Publications/Creative Works