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Education Research: Wendilyn Flynn

Resources available for implementing in your own classes are provided below, targeted toward different undergraduate class settings.

Introductory Meteorology Courses:

Cloud Identification Exercise

Upper-Level Meteorology Courses:

Considering Metacognition and Affective Domain 

  • Flynn, W., 2020: Increasing Self-Efficacy by Helping Students Become Self-Regulated Learners in Sophomore and Junior Level Meteorology Courses. 29th Conference on Education at 2020 AMS Annual Meeting, American Meteorological Society, Boston, MA.

Using Jupyter Notebooks, Siphon, and MetPy for Case Studies

Radar & Satellite

  • Doppler on Wheels Educational Deployment (Sep - Nov 2014): Four Intense Observational Periods (IOPs), sampled heavy snow/graupel/rain transition, strong low-level shear, intense cold front passage, and distant frontal rain showers over the Pawnee National Grasslands.
  • Flynn, W., 2014: Front-Range Doppler on Wheels (FR-DOW). Competitive Educational Deployment Program awarded by the Center for Severe Weather Research on behalf of the NSF. Final Report.