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230%amount that Computer Science degrees have grown in Colorado since 2012

21%amount that careers in computer and information research will grow in the next 10 years

3,330more computer and information research scientists we will need every year, on average, over the next decade

About The Program

The B.S. in Computer Science focuses on the design of computers, computational processes for problem-solving, and information transfer and transformation, with an emphasis on improving software and system quality, security, performance and usability. In the program, you will learn about the evolution of the computing and informatics disciplines, as well as the integration of computer and information sciences with other disciplines in the sciences. 

Graduates of the program will be prepared for jobs in computer science that design, analyze and improve the quality of computer software and systems for a variety of applications, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, cybersecurity, graphics, information management, multimedia, networking and human-computer interaction. 

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study of everything from computer systems and networks to cybersecurity. The discpline can involve programming languages, data science, software development, information security and network architecture. Computer scientists work as software developers, computer systems analysts, database administrators or careers focused on how software systems function. With field of computer science growing rapidly, skilled professionals are always in demand.

  • Degree Overview

    Our curriculum includes 11 courses specifically focused on computer design, computational processes for problem-solving and information transfer and transformation and techniques for enhancing software and system quality, security, performance and usability. Students explore the field of computer science through research that has real-world impact.

  • What Our Faculty Says

    “You can graduate with a Computer Science degree from UNC and get a job with a starting salary of $80,000,” said Jodie Novak, professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. 

  • Curriculum

    Required courses include:

    • Fundamentals of Computer Science
    • Structured Programming
    • Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming
    • Mobile Computing
    • Data Mining and Machine Learning

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Program Details
  • CoursesIn-Person
  • Credits61
  • Degree AwardedBachelor of Science in Computer Science Program
  • Time FrameVaries based on intensity of study and previous coursework.
  • TuitionLearn about financial aid and scholarships
Application Dates
  • Fall semester 
  • Spring semester 
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