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MPH Practicum

In order to become effective public health professionals, students of public health need the opportunity to apply the knowledge, theories, and skills learned in their academic courses.  The required MPH Practicum makes this linkage by providing students the opportunity to integrate and apply the lessons learned in the classroom in a public health setting.  During the practicum, the student will work on a defined public health project and be mentored by a public health professional currently practicing in the field.

Although each student will have a different experience, the goal of the practicum is for the student to effectively demonstrate the public health competencies.  They will do this by working onsite in an approved public health setting as a part of the organization's team to address a critical health issue.

Students in the MPH (Community Health Education concentration) at UNC are required to complete a 2 credit hour MPH Practicum (CHBH6930). This practicum requires a minimum of 150 up to a maximum of 300 hours of work within a community agency for this 2 hour course. The experience is intended to provide students an opportunity to develop professional skills by leading a project in a public health setting that contributes to an unmet need of the host site. 

Students are encouraged to consider their career interests and areas of interest in the field of Community Health Education when selecting a practicum site.

For more information, please contact Teresa Sharp, Practicum Coordinator.

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