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Transfer Students

Review UNC Admissions Requirements.

Begin researching outside scholarships including, tribal and national organizations. For a complete list, please go to our Financial Resources page.

  • Determine which scholarships have a Winter and Spring Deadlines and mark these dates on your calendar, and review them regularly.
  • Identify people to write letters of recommendations. Ask if they can write a letter of recommendation at least one month before scholarship deadline, and explain why you are asking them to write the letter. Include all necessary information, including the link where they need to upload the letter or an addressed, stamped envelope.
  • Begin drafting and writing personal essays.
  • Follow up with teachers, counselors, or other people you have identified to write letters of recommendations, a few weeks before the deadline.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Priority deadline is March 1st.

Fill out and send in your application materials including, your SAT/ACT test scores, high school transcripts, and official transcripts from each institution you previously attended to UNC and outside scholarship organizations with Spring Deadlines.

Contact the Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office to make sure that they have received all of the materials you need.

Review the costs for moving, gas, food, and books to make sure you have budgeted enough money for your expenses.