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Current Students

Contact the Financial Aid office, and notify them if you have been awarded any outside scholarships or financial assistance.

If you are still struggling, meet with a member of the NASS staff to help find a tutor or other support services to assist.

Remember to fill out the FAFSA every year, and review application materials for outside scholarships.

Grades and your GPA are important, so be sure to check with your professors throughout the semester to make sure you are meeting class and work expectations.

All financial aid refunds need to be used toward books, school supplies, housing, food, health insurance, and emergencies only. Budget wisely. Spend money on clothes, music, car purchases, or loans to family, if you have already covered all of your educational expenses for the entire semester. Save some money to cover some expenses during the Summer, as well.

Get involved. The college experience is about developing all of your passions, so seek out activities and programs that help you grow, whether it’s Greek Life, volunteering and community service, or intramural sports, seek out those experiences. Talk with the NASS staff for ideas or contact information for other UNC organizations, and attend the Student Involvement Fair in the Fall.