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NRHH Values


Ursa Major strives to create a culture of recognition throughout the campus and within Housing at the University of Northern Colorado. Many of our programs center around recognition and striving to notice all the good in the world.

Of The Month's (OTM's)

OTM's are the most common tool for recognition. OTM's are a great way to say good job and also increase programming and other ideas throughout NACURH. There are 15 different OTM categories that allow for anyone you can think of to be recognized. OTM's are due on the 7th of every month, and then the campus votes on them. If you win campus you get an OTM shirt! If you win on campus you then have the chance to go on to IACURH and NACURH and win! The nominee and nominator are both recognized for OTM's.

Submit an OTM!

Of the Month circle logo

Person of the Week (incrediPOW)

The incrediPOW is a weekly recognition tool that we use to notice the little things done by members of the campus community. These are nominated by general members of RHA and NRHH. If you want to nominate someone for the incrediPOW you can e-mail sara.matzen@unco.edu.

In order to recognize residence hall students who are making a difference on campus we have created Person of the week aka POW. Submit these weekly for Paw Points.

Make sure you include the following items:

  • Nominating Organization ( Presidents Row, Wiebking, South, etc..)
  • Nominees Name (First and Last)
  • Nominee's Organization (Turner, Lawrenson, Wilson, etc..)
  • Why they deserve this award (This should be a few brief sentences)


Shine Bright

The Shine Bright is a tool we use during Chapter Meetings. It starts off as being presented to someone at the first chapter meeting of the semester and is then passed around from Diamond to Diamond throughout the semester. It is up to the Diamond that has the Shine Bright to bring it and to present it to someone in the chapter, when they present the Shine Bright, they will usually explain why the Diamond is getting the Shine Bright and why they deserve the award for a full week!

the shine bright award for the Ursa Major Chapter

M.O.W. (Member of the Week)

The MOW is another tool used during the chapter meetings to showcase the Diamond that submitted the most Diamond Points the previous week. It is a little blue and white mower so the Diamond that gets awarded the MOW needs to ensure that they do not lose the trinket for the week and to ensure that they bring it back to the next meeting! Shine Bright!

the MOW award for the Ursa Major Chapter