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McNair Scholars @ UNC Research Day

Award finalists

April 11, 2022

Ten McNair scholars presented their research findings at UNC Research Day in April. Our scholars worked diligently all school year in order to produce a research poster and final manuscript. Their hard work did not go unnoticed as three of our scholars were selected as Research Excellence Award finalists:

  • Aijalon Martinez - Social Sciences, Business & Education
  • Katilla Osindero - Social Sciences, Business & Education (Winner)
  • Evander Espinoza - Natural & Health Sciences

Soledad Almanza

  • Soledad Almanza - How are Face Masks Affecting the Communication of Certain Populations? Mentor: Dr. Julie Hanks

Shelby Filarski

  • Shelby Filarski - Emotion Regulation, Coping Styles, and College Adaptation During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Mentor: Dr. Marilyn Welsh

Karianie Cotto

  • Karianie Cotto - Con la Iglesia Hemos Topado: An Examination on the Impact of Religion on Young Latino Voters in Presidential Elections. Mentor: Dr. Richard Bownas

Katelyn Crawley

  • Katelyn Crawley - Imparting Anti-Diet and Weight-Inclusive Attitudes in a University Dietetics Curriculum. Mentor: Dr. Nicholas Slagel

Kayla Garza

  • Kayla Garza - Studying the Circadian Rhythm in Vitro. Mentor: Dr. James Haughian

Stephanie Vargas

  • Stephanie Vargas - Perspectives of Latinx Immigrant and Refugee Parents on Their Child’s DHH Disability. Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Murza

Katilla Osindero

  • Katilla Osindero (Research Excellence Award Winner) - Examining the Effects of Early Menarche and Adolescent Sexualization on the Social-Sexual Development of Black Women. Mentor: Dr. Janine Weaver-Douglas.

Shaq Rushanika

  • Shaq Rushanika - Utilizing Nurr77 as a Surrogate Biomarker for CD8+ T cell Activation to Assess the Immunological Effects of Berberine and Exercise. Mentor: Dr. James Haughian

Aijalon Martinez

  • Aijalon Martinez (Research Excellence Award Finalist) - Familial Impacts and the Subsequent Perceptions on Rehabilitative Treatment for Offenders with a Substance Use Disorder. Mentor: Dr. Victoria Terranova

Evander Espinoza

  • Evander Espinoza (Research Excellence Award Finalist) - Cosmic Ray Induced Error Generation as a Model of Altitude and Atmospheric Conditions in CMOS Detectors. Mentor: Dr. Charles Kuehn