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About Us

Our department offers courses in the Liberal Arts Core that explore a variety of philosophical claims and assumptions while also cultivating general reading, writing and thinking skills that enhance general problem solving abilities.

Many of our upper division courses are popular with students in other programs (Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, Personal Identity, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy of Art are just a few examples in this category), and many of our students choose to combine their study of philosophy with a second major.

With four full time faculty members, the small size of our department is our biggest strength. All of our students receive individualized attention and are directly involved in crafting their own education. The content of our 200-level “Figures” and 300-level “Topics” courses are chosen in consultation with our undergraduate majors and minors each year, and elected student representatives participate in all departmental decision making. Our senior seminar is capped at 18 students, and unscheduled sections of required courses are made available to students who need them to graduate on time. We also support directed studies and internship options for both philosophy students and non-majors.