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Academic Programs

Program Overview

Africana Studies B.A.

Graduates will have a liberal arts education and skills necessary for working in multicultural environments; qualify for graduate work in Africana Studies or Pan African Studies; and will understand the struggles and accomplishments of people of African descent. As a job-related field, Africana Studies fosters the intellectual and professional expertise valuable for positions in teaching (elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels), business, criminal justice, counseling, psychology, and health-related fields. Additional applications include community resource development, urban planning, public and social policy analysis, law, social services, political leadership (local, state and federal) and international relations.

Social Studies Secondary Teaching B.A. – Africana Studies Emphasis

This program fulfills an important role in training teachers at the undergraduate level to be social studies teachers. With increasing student diversity in our schools, both in Colorado and the nation, districts are desperate to hire teachers who are well grounded in curriculum and approaches that meet the needs of culturally diverse learners and their families. The secondary education emphasis in Africana Studies effectively prepares preservice teachers to teach social studies to culturally diverse students at the middle and secondary levels. Students approach learning and curriculum from an interdisciplinary focus, one which includes contributions and perspectives of people of African American origin. In addition to taking coursework in Africana Studies, History, Economics, Geography and Political Science, students will participate in the UNC partner school program through student teaching and field experience.

Africana Studies Minor

Learn skills to work or teach in multicultural environments! This inter- and cross-disciplinary program focuses on history, culture, philosophy, politics, and contemporary issues of Africa and the African Diaspora. We are committed to scholarship and civic engagement that links campus and community.